© 2015 Susan Skoog. All rights reserved.

© 2015 Susan Skoog. All rights reserved.

about Susie

Fun. Talented. And hardworking. What more could you ask for in a food stylist? Well, there's much more to my story. 

What is my experience? After graduating from Dumas Pere, a comprehensive French cooking course in Glenview, IL, I worked as pastry chef at a three-star restaurant in Evanston, IL; created my own pie company that sold a 24-carat-gold confectionary dessert for hotels, restaurants, and catalogs; and worked for seven years assisting other food stylists in the Chicago area. I now have my own company and more than 15 years of experience.

What are my inspirations? Everything and anything. I find that the design aspect of food styling is fluid, so ideas are always changing and evolving. I interpret these influences in my own way, to the satisfaction of my clients (listed below). 

What do my local and national clients appreciate about me? Consistency. Creativity. My strong work ethic. My ability to relate to all personalities. And the fact that I'm available to travel anywhere for shoots. 

What else should you know? I style mouthwatering food for each unique project, whether it's for advertising, packaging, cookbooks, or Internet usage. 

So, what can I style for you?


44 Farms
A.M.C. Theaters
Armour Echrich
Bird's Eye
Brickhouse Restaurants
Carl Buddig
Chart House Restaurants
Claim Jumper Restaurants
Coleman Meats
Con Agra
Cooks Hams
Einstein Bagels
Friendly's Restaurants
H-E-B Grocery
Jason's Deli
Joe's Crab Shack Restaurants
Lam Weston
Lars Foods
Mastro's Restaurants
Morton's Restaurants
Nature Sweet
Paper Pro
Quaker Oats
Reynolds Aluminum
Riviana Rice
Saltgrass Restaurants
Smithfirld Foods
Sommers Organic
U.S. Foodservice
United Airlines
Van's Natural Foods
Windsor Foods
World Kitchen